The seven core advantages of Aisin drive global innovation

The investment potential of crypto assets need not be repeated, but many people are discouraged by its high price. It is considered an exclusive investment by institutions and the rich, and it is difficult for ordinary investors to enter.

At present there are many platforms in the global market to provide mining machine leasing, machine hosting, graphics card sales business, Aisin is one of them. In fact, mining can be involved in digital asset investments, and  it is the only opportunity for civilians who do not rely on relationships, backgrounds, ability to become rich.

Who is Aisin

Aisin is a platform in Singapore that configures high-quality digital assets for users. By the senior Internet finance, insurance, trading, blockchain team to build, mining machine sales and leasing, a hash power sales and leasing services in one.

The seven core advantages of AISIN

1、Self-built mine

Founded in 2016, the large blockchain mine is a large local tax payer in Asia and North America and is strategically partnered with the local waste water and electricity industry.

2、High standard configuration

All floors of the iblock site have been hardened, the mine is surrounded by a 10 meter high sand shield, each engine room into the wind side is also equipped with anti-sand mesh, to maximize the mine has a good working environment.

The cold and hot air zones with sufficient distance between the iblock rooms maximize the operation of critical electrical equipment such as transformers.

3、Professional maintenance

The mine is equipped with high-voltage rooms, electrical rooms, operations duty rooms, repair rooms, warehouses, fire protection systems and supporting living areas. Professional and technical personnel to the mine 7 x 24 hours non-stop inspection, to ensure that the mine 24 hours without interruption, and the fault problem for immediate detection and maintenance.

4、High-quality mining machines currently deploys the highest quality, high-performance, low-power ore machines on the market to maximize mining revenues.

At the same time provides one-on-one support for mine deployment technology, deploys different models of mining machines in different regions of the world, and replaces them with its own miner when the hash power service experiences a systematic downtime or power outage to ensure that the user’s hash power service runs without interruption.

Second, iblock offers mining services for a wide range of digital assets, allowing users to purchase hash power services with different values at the service port.

5、A variety of product packages

The iblock platform products include BTC and ETH hash Machine Leasing and Joint Mining. For mining newcomers to provide the shortest-term products, 7 days ultra-short-term experience mining, but also for senior miners to provide long-term and low-cost products. A minimum of $500 can easily have a computational assets, after lease contract effective, that is the successful addition of mining, the product income is stable, and an average of 6 months can return the original, the monthly income is superb.

6、A wealth of experience

Aisin’s core team of from the world’s top financial institutions and head Internet technology companies, has been deeply in the industry for many years and has a wealth of financial and cryptocurrencies professional experience. It can rely on first-class technical support and strict wind control measures to ensure the safety of users’ assets.

7、Powerful background

In 2017, Aisin is well-funded. In March 2021, an A-round of financing was completed with investments from Red Block Capital, CAP1 Financial, SAYY PAY and MALACCA FUND. Aisin provides institutional users with a platform for future cyclically high returns on digital assets, resulting in a good asset allocation for private domain traffic. After a build-up in 2020, will continue to provide digital asset financial services to users worldwide in 2021.

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