Diaspora responsibility

by Hassan Eissa Eltigani

The people in Sudan confirmed their trust in the government, The Sudanese diaspora must build on it.

 On June 30, 2020 peaceful demonstrations were held. Despite the previous regimes attempts to create chaos in previous popular protests, the Sudanese people are with the transitional government to conduct a referendum. They acknowledged that the tireless effort of the TG represents great leadership. Although the demonstrators ask for more, it is natural human behavior. However, approximately one million people on the street with no violence is extraordinary.  The people’s emotions were well expressed in the highly educated movement.  The TG gave full respect to the human rights and freedom of gathering and speech. The TG is new in the field but ahead in implementation.

Some still, waste time and energy to find minor matters to discredit the government; it will not be tolerated. It is time to welcome efforts by the Civilians, Rapid Force, arm forces, parties and Rebel Military Forces.  It is only unfair to hammer the TG with problems inherited from its predecessor, the most corrupted regime ever.  There have been unjustified accusations of mismanagement when there was nothing found to be managed.   

Sudanese inside Sudan know what is good for them.  They suffered directly and we sympathize with their suffering.   But our sympathy doesn’t give us the right to distract them and the world from the fact that the people and the government of Sudan are in the same track.  Conditions are still far from perfect, but no doubt there is good intention and hard work.  It is just a matter of time until we consolidate Sudan ‘democratic transition. We must be more realistic, more productive, more optimistic and more encouraging. Our action in the diaspora effects the international image of Sudan.  And no Sudanese, no matter what, should underestimate the combined power of the people and the TG as a team.

We Sudanese around the globe have responsibility to deliver health, education, knowledge and equipment to Sudan, so people can acquire the skills needed to develop the nation.

Today is the day we should all feel proud of.  And the day for the TG to start working even more productively, in cooperation with the high-quality of people they govern.

Minimum expectation from Sudanese abroad.  

Who else should have the responsibility and obligation to build our land other than us?

Thousands, maybe even millions over several generations have left Sudan against their will. Some were fired for no reason other than racism, unfairness, discrimination or regional discrimination.  Sudanese in diaspora are equipped with professional skills and education and knowledge that enables them to support Sudan’ sustainable economic and social development. It is true some left the country early in their lives, and they don’t know a lot about the history of this great nation.  But that does not free us from the duty of teaching them this history.

The process of transferring the culture from the old generation is very simple.  We need to let them witness our unity in all aspects of life.  We can’t live divided, talk divided, and walk divided and expect the children to learn about the great history we had.

Unity has Trends.

Respect:  Respect is a significant factor in creating a good relation between people.  It is a direct message that each person is important and trusted in the community.  It encourages people to contribute for the benefit of all.

Trust:   Voters elect their leaders based of trust.  And good leaders honor that trust by delivering good services. Like when football players pass the ball to a teammate to score, they trust his ability to catch and score. He or she maximizes the effort to achieve their joint objective.  

Equality:  Throughout the history of mankind, one of the most destructive factors in any nation is inequality.  Great empires were undermined and collapsed as a result of inequality.  Taxation without representation was the igniting factor behind the Americans demand for freedom from Great Britain.   Americans refused to pay tax while they were denied the rights to be represented.

Power sharing:  Power sharing is a feeling of ownership or partnership. It plays a major rule in individual decisions as of how much he or she should give to the society.  It raises a very Important question.  Why should anyone build something great and make sacrifices for the nation when they don’t have anything to say or drive benefits from the projects.   

Opportunities:   Every one in earth is looking for opportunity to have a decent job; stablish their own business; buy a house or sending their children to better school to improve themselves.  There are many dreams.  If the opportunity does not exist for all, then what is the incentive to be productive?  Seizing opportunity enhances the sense of citizenship and common purpose.

Sudan devastated.  The darkness of al-Basher’s regime was spread vastly. It led to an unrealistic division among all stakeholders, political parties, rebellions, even to the Transitional Military Council and The Freedom and Changes Forces. With all parties and political figures locked in at each other it has left a mark that has initiators bouncing and sitting on the back of Sudan from head to toe. Sudan is asking.  What do you want?  We can’t have more than one president.  What do you want?  We can’t give jobs to every person who fought against the previous regime.   What do you want?  You all share responsibility of cutting us into two parts. But history has taught us that we can divide the land in two parts. but none of them will survive peacefully without the engagement of the other.  Thank you, brothers and sisters, in the South.  You left Khartoum with our heart broken, but only to facilitate for the Northers to work together. While political figures gather in Juba, {the capitol of South Sudan) their stay should simply be a temporary area of business, not somewhere to be colonized by party members. This can’t be permanent since most people are waiting for the output from Juba.  We want to see the TG move toward appointing at least transitional Justice commission (TJC) to allow the TG to be more effective in governing society.   On August 20, 2019 the TMC and FCF adopted “transitional document “. Yet nothing has moved.  Don’t count on an outsider to solve the problem of the insiders, except the Southern, they are in siders. We ask all the parties involved in negotiations to finalize this peace building process for the sake of Sudan.

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