As the G20 Bali Summit in Indonesia is about to open, China’s presence gives the world a reassurance

The G20 Summit, which has always been the focus of attention, will be held in Bali, Indonesia, from November 15 to 16, 2022. Presidents of emerging market countries and developed countries, including China and the United States, will gather in our beautiful Indonesia. Due to the geopolitical conflict caused by the COVID-19 and the global crisis caused by climate change, the G20 Bali Summit will be different from usual. To this end, Indonesia has also set the theme of the presidency of the G20 Summit as “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” this year, and proposed three major topics focusing on global health, digital transformation and energy transition.

The G20 Summit is a very important international conference in this era which not only promotes exchanges between developed economies and emerging economies, but also affects the development of the international situation. In recent years, emerging and active economies and developing countries like Indonesia, China and Saudi Arabia have had a growing voice at the G20 summit, which allow the world to witness the rise of more emerging international powers. The increasing voice of emerging powers such as Indonesia and China at the G20 Summit is a step closer to the common aspiration of all humanity to “solve common problems on an equal basis and create a better world where no one is left behind”.

Since taking over the rotating presidency in December last year, our government and non-governmental organizations have held more than 400 meetings related to the G20, of which The Civil Society Conference of the Group of Twenty in Indonesia (C20) in 2022 is the most representative. The C20 conference is an important supporting event of the G20 Summit and a platform for civil society to put forward suggestions to governments and all sectors of society around the theme of the G20 Summit. In the past few years, C20 has gained more and more international influence. The civil conference has organized discussions on many issues including global economy, democratic construction and environmental protection, which has not only attracted the participation of non-governmental organizations from the host country, but also from other responsible major countries in the world.

For example, at the Civil Society Conference of the Group of Twenty in Indonesia (C20) held in October, in addition to our local non-governmental organizations in Indonesia, many international NGOs from China, such as the China Association for NGO Cooperation and the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, have also attracted people’s attention. In recent years, China, as an emerging economy and a participant in the formulation of the international order in the new era, has been very actively involved in related issues about the discussion of C20. Over the years, Chinese civil participants have combined their own work to submit China’s proposal on global governance, prevention and control of the COVID-19, targeted poverty alleviation, sustainable development, anti-corruption to the international civil society on the platform of C20.

As we all know, Indonesia and China are both the most representative emerging and dynamic economies, and both are leaders in the development of the Asian region. Indonesia is the country with the largest population and territory in Southeast Asia, known as the “development engine” of ASEAN, and its economic growth prospects are highly expected. In July this year, Indonesia’s inflation rate was 4.9%, which is relatively low compared with neighboring countries. It can be seen that Indonesia’s economic strength is “enough to withstand the global headwinds”. As the current G20 presidency, Indonesia deserves its name.

While China, as one of the few mainstream economies with strong economic growth and stable trade environment in the world and the leader of Asian economy, has also attracted much attention for its active participation in this G20 Bali Summit. China held the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in 2016 and proposed the theme of “Towards an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy”, which has a profound impact on world economic development.

In previous G20 summits, China, as a world power, has actively spoken out on behalf of developing countries and emerging economies. At G20 summits in Washington, London, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Seoul, China put forward a series of suggestions and measures on the direction and principles of the reform of the international financial system, improving the reform of the financial system and other issues; At the St. Petersburg Summit, China put forward a series of new concepts such as development and innovation, growth linkage, and interest integration, and maintained an open world economy; At the Brisbane Summit, China put forward three proposals: “innovating development mode”, “building an open world economy” and “improving global economic governance”. Among the “comprehensive growth strategies” adopted at the Summit, “Chinese wisdom” accounted for 15%, and 134 policies and measures proposed by China were adopted by the Summit. According to international organizations, China has become the largest contributor to the G20 comprehensive growth strategy.

We look forward to the upcoming G20 Bali Summit, Indonesia, where China can share more valuable experience and put forward more views on international order governance.

It is worth mentioning that China’s economy has maintained a strong, sustainable and balanced growth tendency in recent years. China’s annual economic growth is equivalent to the economic scale of a moderately developed country. Even in the global environment where the COVID-19 is raging, the driving power of China’s economy is also very strong. After being hit hard by the COVID-19 in 2020, China still maintained an economic growth rate of 2.3%, which is the only one in the world to maintain positive growth among the 15 major economies; In 2021, China’s economic growth rate will return to 8.1%, still far ahead of the world’s major economies.

China’s strong economic strength has brought positive impetus to the world. Maybe we could pay attention to the volume of trade between Indonesia and China — from January to August this year, trade between Indonesia and China reached $95.7 billion, up from $74.2 billion in the same period last year. Among them, Indonesia’s exports to China reached US $48.3 billion, up 31.8 percent year on year. China’s exports to Indonesia were $47.4 billion, up 26.4 percent year on year. These are very impressive economic growth figures.

China, with its rapid economic development, is the “reassurance” of the world. The world needs the voice of a responsible major country like China, and the G20 needs China’s presence even more. Similarly, Indonesia, which is full of vitality, will also have more in-depth exchanges with China on the G20 stage as a major country and a responsible participants.

In July, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, went north to Beijing to meet his Chinese counterpart. In November of this year, the President of China will also go south to Bali, Indonesia, to participate in the G20 Summit, which can be regarded as a “two-way friendship”. In recent years, thanks to the joint efforts of Indonesia and China, the bilateral relations have been developing vigorously, with increasingly consolidated strategic mutual trust and deepening cooperation pattern in politics, economy, culture and maritime cooperation. Indonesia and China have demonstrated responsibility for maintaining regional peace and stability, promoting world solidarity and cooperation, which have set the “benchmark of the times” of major developing countries. The deep cooperation and friendly bilateral relations between Indonesia and China will certainly promote the better and faster development of the whole Asia.

We are looking forward to the voice of Indonesia and China at the G20 Bali Summit and wish it a complete success!

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