Hong Kong – SEAPRWire often gets questions about how to write a news release, one of which is what the word count should be. Whether it is an announcement, product launch or a company event launch, an effective news release should be at least 300 words and max out around 400 […]

Hong Kong – How do users track news release performance? SEAPRWire team measure the performance of a press release by the following 3 metrics: 1. Coverage and Visibility Coverage and visibility refer to the publicity users’ news release received. Typical questions answered by coverage and visibility data analytics include: 1), How many news […]

Hong Kong – Much of the communication happens in real time. SEAPRWire will guide users on how to schedule users’ press release. The Best Days and Times to Send a News release Don’t send before 10 am or after 2 pm – If users issue users’ news release too early in the […]

Hong Kong – SEAPRWire categorizes the components of a press release, which can be roughly divided into 6 parts. Below, we’ve broken down each essential piece and how users can implement it expertly into users’ company’s news release format: 1, Headline Just as a newspaper or journal seeks to immediately captivate its […]

Hong Kong – Editors at SEAPRWire team deal with different types of press releases on a daily basis. SEAPRWire team are used to classifying it into different types. Each type serves a different purpose and marketing strategy. The type of news release users want to use depends on what users’ company wishes to […]

Hong Kong – SEAPRWire‘s business volume has achieved a 56% growth in 2021, and its high-quality services have been recognized by more and more users. SEAPRWire, the global news agency, is now become one of Asia’s leading news distribution services. SEAPRWire is the go-to news release and content distribution partner […]

CYBERJAYA, MALAYSIA, Feb 11, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – A Letter of Demand has been issued on behalf of Bestinet Sdn Bhd (“Bestinet” or the “Company”) and Dato’ Sri Mohd Amin Abdul Nor (“Dato Sri’ Mohd Amin”) to an independent online news portal and two individuals for an […]

Writing a quality news release that the media picks up and the public engages with is a specialized and acquired skill. SEAPRWire can help people acquire with our best tips for writing a press release. 1. Start with a Relevant, Newsworthy Topic For anyone to pay attention to their press […]

Maybe a lot of people didn’t notice, when someone searches their company in Google, it is important to have fresh and positive news about their business. It shows their company is active and growing. When a searcher doesn’t find anything, or the news is old, people can sometimes wonder “What’s […]

HONG KONG – Surprisingly, 20% of NovationWire’s respondents advised they do not even use a press release as a part of their marketing strategy. As we have mentioned in the past, sending out a press release when Users have newsworthy information to share makes sense. The key word here is […]

HONG KONG – NovationWire.com is a company that was established specializing in press release distribution services, sending news to various media points. As a company that’s been in the news distribution industry for many years, we feel we know a few things about the business and industry. Some of NovationWire’s […]

Semoga UI mampu meningkatkan kinerja secara maksimal, sehingga tetap menjadi yang terbaik di Tanah Air. … Depok () – Universitas Indonesia (UI) menempati peringkat pertama Best Universities di Indonesia, berdasarkan penilaian yang dilakukan oleh lembaga pemeringkatan perguruan tinggi dunia U.S. News Best Global Universities 2022. Rektor UI Prof. Ari Kuncoro […]

JAKARTA – Para penegak hukum harus terus menambah kapasitas ilmunya agar bisa membongkar tuntas berbagai kasus korupsi. Sebab, seiring dengan perkembangan zaman, para koruptor juga terus memperbarui modus operandinya agar bisa lepas dari pantauan aparat penegak hukum. Secara konsisten, News RCTI terus memberitakan berbagai kasus-kasus korupsi dengan modus dan jenis […]