Daeil Real Estate menghasilkan profit hingga 0,7% per hari sehingga orang dapat berinvestasi dengan aman. Daeil Real Estate, sebuah platform untuk membeli saham real estat di luar negeri yang telah membentuk sebuah sistem untuk menerima dividen investasi real estat. Platform real estat ini dapat meningkatkan aksesibilitas REITs, metode investasi yang […]

SINGAPORE, Sep 1, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – TransformHub, a Singapore-headquartered end-to-end digital solutions provider today announced a customer win with Briix, a real-estate investment and wealth management platform. The partnership allows investors to discover, compare and invest in real estate, through an intuitive digital platform, securely. The […]

Viviverse brings entertainment to the next level, redefining X to earn by blurring the lines between the metaverse and reality. Users or citizens who hold exclusive NFT based passports can enjoy, grow and thrive in Viviverse’s unique play to earn spaces in gaming, esports, entertainment and real estate. By leveraging […]

Dubai, UAE, April 19, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – In what could very well be the latest technological revolution on the PropTech scene, PropChain has announced the launch of its decentralized, ledger-based real estate marketplace, operational across every continent. PropChain is quickly approaching the launch of their state-of-the-art marketplace infrastructure. Built on an […]

Dubai,UAE, March 17, 2022- (SEAPRWire) – Verse Estate, the first real estate agency in the Metaverse, has announced the launch of its platform. Verse Estate aims at bridging both the physical and digital worlds by providing hyper-realistic and fully customisable luxury products in the metaverse. As a real estate agency in the Metaverse, Verse Estate allows users to buy properties that are linked to an NFT. The NFT acts as a digital key to the owner’s private luxury estate, where they can display their digital assets on the walls, invite up to 100 friends, stream Netflix on their TV and for the first time, users can even play VR Games without ever leaving their estate. They also help brands and celebrities transition to the Metaverse by creating state-of-the art immersive experiences, bringing user experience to a whole new level. Users will be able to explore properties bought on Verse Estate through the Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets. Users can directly access the app through the Oculus store. Verse Estate has set the bar high in the Metaverse world, with an unprecedented customer service, they don’t just sell NFT’s, but they accompany the users every step of the way to maximize their comfort in their journey with Verse Estate. A Passive Income Source Verse Estate has gathered a team of high quality professionals with years of experience and proven track record to nurture this company to life, thus blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds now more than ever before. Verse will not only offer its users a new kind of immersive experience, but they also provide a true utility – a viable passive income source, proposing a true investment opportunity. Users can rent their acquired properties and earn income on a regular basis. Property owners will become members of an exclusive community which includes celebrities and influencers such as the renowned French artist Vincent Faudemer. Vincent Faudemer has not only purchased land in Verse Estate, but he launched, in partnership with Verse, a limited edition collection of metaverse villas in Los Angeles, with an integrated VR Game that will allow users to interact with his art sculptures. The estates sold out in under minutes. In this Web 3 revolution, it is companies like Verse Estate who are shaping the future of the metaverse and driving innovation in this sector. The Metaverse is expected to be worth well over $30 trillion before the end of 2035. It will truly change the way people work, play, shop, and interact on a daily basis. Verse Estate is adopting a fully decentralized approach, where the platform is governed by its users and has a highly scalable model which aims to unlock access to truly luxurious products to the masses. The possibilities with Verse Estate are endless, and will enable users to do almost anything in the Metaverse such as live concerts, shopping, working, creating businesses, etc. What Verse Estate has to say Mickael Reignier, Co-Founder and CEO at Verse Estate said “Here at Verse Estate we don’t just sell you a villa or a private jet, we give you the opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true. Come build a life of true luxury and make the impossible possible.” Verse Estate sold out their private sale of LA Villas, […]

Vancouver, Canada, March 7, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) –  IDG Capital Vietnam – the leading Ventures capital with strong focus on high-quality technology startups confirms their investment in METAIN – the first co-investment platform based on blockchain and NFT technology in Vietnam. This partnership is expected to foster the development of NFT real estate and […]

London, UK, Jan 20, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Realbox is launching one of the world’s first blockchain-based real estate tokenization platforms. Their technology gives retail investors the opportunity to share ownership in global real estate investments, without incurring expensive costs and going through complicated transactions. Blockchain technology […]

London, UK, January 20, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Realbox is launching one of the world’s first blockchain-based real estate tokenization platforms. Their technology gives retail investors the opportunity to share ownership in global real estate investments, without incurring expensive costs and going through complicated transactions. Blockchain technology has taken the world by […]

Poised to Launch 9 New Projects in 2022 and Lead Low-rise Housing Sector BANGKOK, Dec 21, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Britania PCL (SET: BRI) is debuting its IPO shares in the stock market, putting forward an impressive performance between 2018 and 2020 with an average annual growth rate of 113%. Revenue during the […]

Dubai, UAE / SEAPRWire / August 12, 2021 / – Windfall will be announcing its official listing in August. It will be listed first on Probit and CoinMarketCap before it gets listed in other exchanges simultaneously. While this is a significant milestone for the Windfall project, it’s important to note that […]

Lublin, Poland / SEAPRWire / August 05, 2021 / – FCQPlatform.com – Investing in Spanish, Dominican, Cyprus, or any other country’s real estate has become as simple as ABC. FCQ is a Blockchain-based platform that allows purchasing property either partially or at once. All the transactions on the platform are backed by […]

Jakarta () – Volkswagen baru saja meluncurkan sebuah kendaraan Golf R Wagon 2022, yang juga dikenal sebagai Golf R Estate dan Golf R Variant di pasar, namun tidak akan masuk ke pasar Amerika Serikat dan juga Kanada. VW Golf R Wagon dilengkapi dengan mesin empat silinder 2.0 liter turbocharged yang […]

Kemen LHK agar lebih memperhatikan hak-hak masyarakat di sekitar lokasi ‘food estate’ di Kalimantan Tengah, Palangka Raya – Anggota DPD RI Agustin Teras Narang memandang perlu Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan merevisi berkenaan dengan pembebasan lahan 2.000 hektare untuk program Food Estate di Kabupaten Gunung Mas, Kalimantan Tengah. "Saya akan […]

WILMINGTON, DE, Mar 24, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, is pleased to announce that it has officially joined the Government Blockchain Association. With a diversified product suite that includes solutions for the aviation, title abstracting, […]