LONDON, UK / ASIAPRESSWIRE / August 24th, 2020 / Centric Foundation announces its first TRC20 token, Centric, is adopted by Bittrex Global, the famous European trading platform headquartered in Liechtenstein (Bittrex tweet: ). With growing interest in the lightning-fast and transaction-heavy TRON ecosystem, an increasing number of exchanges are expressing interest in adding TRC20 tokens to their platforms. […]

Asia Presswire is excited to announce that they are now open for Thailand PR distribution. Asia Presswire wants to help clients extend their business in Thailand.  AsiaPresswire is well-known for its global press release distribution. Clients who want to develop business in South East Asia or Thailand are now possible with Asia Presswire availability […]

“Haejeon Industrial Company has secured a prestigious contract to lead development efforts on a large dam construction project in Mali. The project seeks to resolve ongoing drought and water retention issues across the region for agricultural and residential purposes.” [Bamako, Mali,Date] – Haejeon Industrial Co., Ltd. has secured a $18.3M contract […]